General Rules

The code of conduct shall be applicable to all students

1. Each student should concentrate on his / her studies as per the norms of the college. It is expected that each student will participate in activities organized / approved by the college. each student should also essentially ensure 75% attendance.

2. Students must show proper respect and politeness in their dealings with the Principal, Professors, Office Staff and other students.

3. Activities of political nature are prohibited in the college and its campus. If the students have any difficulties / problems they can follow the established system of approaching the Professor / Principal in a peaceful manner. It is not expected that any student will use violence or foster rebellion to solve their problems.

4. Students will be compulsorily fined for any damage caused by them to the property of the College, College building, furniture, electrical equipments etc.

5. Students will co-operate with the college in the organization of all examination. They will not absent themselves from either the class or the examinations.