1. All students must follow the rules and regulations framed and enforced by the management from time to time.

2. 75% attendance is compulsory in all the academic and institutional activities to be eligible to appear in the exams.

3. It is compulsory for all the students to appear in each and every examination (Theory and Practical).

4. Student must obey all the staff members and college management.

5. Students shall be responsible for the safe custody and proper handling of college property. In case of any damage or loss, the student will be liable to pay fine.

6. The student will have to attend the programmes and functions organized in /by the college.

7. Students will have to give written application in case of any leave and take permission from the Principal.

8. Smoking and any kind of toxication in the college campus will not be tolerate.


Ragging is a punishable crime. Any student found indulged in it may even be suspend or dismissed from the college


1. Students will be responsible for the proper handling of computers, apparatus lab equipments of any articles they are using in the labs.

2. The student shall compensate any damage or loss of any article.

3. If a group or batch of students does any damage or loss or breakage of any article, it shall be compensate by the whole batch or group.

4. No attempt must be made to repair or correct the apparatus/computer parts or any lab equipments. In that case student should immediately inform the concerned faculty.

5. No external CDs or floppies are allowed in the computer lab.

6. For small damages or loss, penalty will be deducted from the caution money.


1. All the students of the college having proper identity cards and after payment of library charges and caution money shall only be permitted to have library cards and then to draw books from library.

2. The student shall be responsible for the books he issued.

3. Only two books shall be issued at a time to a student and shall be return on the fifteenth day of the issue.

4. Fine of Rs.2/- per day per book will be charged to the student if he/she fails to return the books within the given period.

5. No book shall be issued to student if he./she does not deposite the fine and that fine will be deducted from his/her caution money.

6. A book can be reissued for fifteen days if there is no demand of that book from other students.

7. The student shall replaced the books lost or damaged in any way or he/she will have pay the current price of a book plus Rs. 50/- as procurement charges.

8. Books issued in one's name will not be transferred in any other student's name.

9. If a student wants to issue books(maximum three) for more than one month, he/she will be charged 25% of the book cost which will be deducted from his/her caution money.

10.Students issuing books for the whole session must return the books five days before the final exams otherwise other than 25% of books cost, student has to pay fine Rs.2/- per day per book.


College Leaving Certificate will be issued only after the completion of the course.